10 good benefits from “pea flowers”

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When do you think of food or sweets that are bluish-purple? Many people immediately answer that this beautiful color definitely comes from the “pea flower besides giving a beautiful blue color. to be used in cooking, such as our Thai desserts Butterfly pea flowers also have many benefits that you may not know. Just freshly squeezed juice Or only butterfly pea flower boiled water. It’s as simple as this. But it gives enormous health benefits .

10 good benefits from “pea flower”

  1. Nourishes eyesight, prevents blurred vision, wet eyes, and prevents cataracts.
  2. Helps reduce blood sugar Suitable for people with diabetes .
  3. Increase immunity to the body
  4. It is a diuretic and is a mild laxative.
  5. Contains antioxidants Can help fight cancer.
  6. Slow down wrinkles and make your skin firm and firm.
  7. Reduce the risk of developing fat blockage in the arteries.
  8. Nourishes hair to make it shiny and black. It is often a component of shampoo. or hair conditioner
  9. Helps break down blood clots
  10. Helps the blood circulate better.

Precautions for eating butterfly pea flowers

Butterfly pea flowers have the effect of breaking up blood clots. Therefore, it is not suitable for people who are anemic. And you shouldn’t eat food dyed with butterfly pea for a long time. สมัคร ufabet