‘Carragher’ believes that Swan still has a chance to win the top four

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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville believe Liverpool are not out of their chances of reaching the top four this season after the Reds defeated Everton 2-0. On Monday night, Liverpool overtook Chelsea in ninth place in the table, nine points behind fourth-placed Newcastle United, but played one game less before the pair met on Monday

. Klopp just has to hope that Liverpool can keep going and fight for the top four. Do they have a chance to win a ticket to play in the Champions League?

Sometimes results in important games can spark, ” said Carragher. It looks like Liverpool will return to the same team we know in this game. I still think it’s their big chance to get into the top four. The next game to visit Newcastle is very important for Liverpool. If they get 3 points, I think they will come back with full hope. But the season is still a long way off.

Neville agrees that Liverpool still have a chance to top four. But commented that their performance has dropped this season as the main players are injured. The UFABET report.

“They’re missing a lot of players, you can put Van Dijk, Jota back in the squad,” said Neville. “If they beat Newcastle on Saturday, probably

. Very difficult to stop them. There’s been a lot of talk about Henderson’s underperforming at the World Cup, but these players have built a lot of credibility, they’ll be back this season and “

They won’t accept 10th place for sure, they will fight for every point.”