Carragher says ‘Gakpo’ resembles ‘Fino’

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher believes Cody Gakpo can play in the same role as Roberto Firmino after showing off in the 2-0 win over Everton last time out

. Was sent into the forward position in the Merseyside derby on Monday night. Although the 23-year-old’s usual position is on the left flank,

Carragher believes Gakpo can burst into the same role as Firmi. Carragher

told Ufabet : “It’s interesting to watch him, because he’s more Firmino than any other player

. , but in the second half there were times when he dribbled past opponents. The UFABET report.

With his close control, speed and impressive dribbling, Gakpo has various assets that can be of great use to Liverpool.

Firmino replaced Gakpo in the 80th minute as he made his first appearance for since November, while Diogo Jota also made his return from injury. Darwin Nunez, meanwhile, impressed on the left flank. 

“You don’t feel like he’s losing the ball in such a stupid way. When you think about the way Liverpool play, you think Firmino coming in to get the ball low. And the players on the edge of the line can go to win the goal. Capo is more like Firmino than anyone else.