Chelsea board still fully supports ‘Potter’

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Well-known journalist David Ornstein has confirmed the Chelsea board are fully backing Graham Potter, wanting to make a long-term decision on the manager’s performance at the multi-year level.

On Saturday, Potter, in charge of “Sing the Blues”, always invaded West Ham United 1-1, making the last 13 games in the league. They have only won twice, ninth in the table, 10 points

clear of the top four. Potter has been in charge of Chelsea since last September. Played all 23 matches, winning 9, drawing 7, losing 7, thinking the winning rate was only 39 percent

. This left some fans wondering if Potter was the right man. The UFABET report

However, Chelsea’s executives, led by Todd Bohley, had no such concerns. They think Potter’s performance should be judged on a long-term, multi-year basis. Rather than judging the results of just a few months

Chelsea are confident Potter is one of football’s best managers. At the same time, they recognize that the club is still in need of a number of changes. therefore has not yet decided the results of this season Even in the end, the team will miss the quota. Champions League followed,

the former Brighton boss took over mid-season and inherited a player who had to undergo a major change So the executives already know that. Chances of success in the short term are unlikely,

and Chelsea executives also feel that Potter has been extremely unlucky with several injuries. Including giving new players time to adjust to understand the tactics and methods of the head coach.

Another factor is Mikel Arteta’s success at Arsenal after a poor start too has led Chelsea to look to the example and boost their confidence in Potter.