‘Gakpo’ is relieved to shoot

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Dutchman forward Cody Gakpo Admittedly very happy that he opened the first score for Liverpool in the game that helped the agency open the house to beat Everton 2-0 last night, Mohamed Salah cut in front of Jordan Pickp

. Nord took the lead early in the first half before Gakpo was cleared by Trent Alexander-Arnold’s cross. early in the second half Helping Jurgen Klopp’s team win important matches successfully

It was Gakpo’s first goal since moving from PSV Eindhoven last winter. In which the 23-year-old star admitted that he was glad that it happened. After being criticized for form earlier

Gakpo said: “It was wonderful, a good moment for the team. and for me as well So I’m very happy, you have the dream of scoring goals in the first minute of the first game. In the end I had to wait a bit, but really glad to score. And the next goal is to score more goals ′′ ′′ It’s

our good offensive game. Trent (Alexander-Arnold) makes a great pass. and the ball reached me I just translated it ′

′ Very important for the first win of the year. Everyone knows we are struggling a little. But we know there are many qualities. and able to turn the situation around And this is the first step. The UFABET report.

“It was amazing, the fans were amazing. And that helped us get to the finish line. “

This is the start. Hopefully we can get points and win many more games in a row.”

“It is important that the players who recover from injury add quality to the team. And we all know what they can do on the pitch. So it will only make us stronger.”