Klopp happy form Liverpool – delighted with the new position ‘Bycetic’

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp reveals he’s happy with the performance of his players After opening the home to beat Everton 2-0 and appreciating the performance of the youngster Stefan Bycetic, who played in a new position, Mohamed

Salah and Cody Gakpo scored each other to help. The Reds moved up past Chelsea in the Merseyside derby and moved up to ninth in the Premier League.

“The atmosphere was great, I really loved the fans and what they showed tonight, it was special and very helpful – the boys gave them back. It was a real derby and we played in. The game we wanted, not the way Everton wanted,” Klopp told UFABET.

“We got the ball, and played patiently. We infiltrated them. Tonight I saw true unity, everyone fighting hard. And we scored two goals from a great counter-attack. We had 70 per cent possession visible and scored two goals from counter-attacks, which made it special

. When can I get it again? (Pretending to be happy to punch the round) But I did everything the fans asked. Except naked!”

“I believe you don’t want to be in a difficult situation – your actions determine the future. This club has been through worse things. But we are a club that can deal with difficult moments. I really enjoyed every moment of this game.”

Klopp also said of Bycetic: “I saw good performances from a lot of players tonight but Stefan stood out. We’re very happy to have him, outstanding, smart and cool. Can play in a new position, number 8. I asked him after the game if he liked this position. He replied that he liked it. Which is good.