Salah raised the most important victory – uplifting ‘Bycetich’

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Mohamed Salah admits winning the Merseyside derby was “very important” for Liverpool after a poor performance earlier in the day

. Finishing shot in the second half, helping the “Reds” to successfully grab 3 precious points

“It was a big win for us, we trained perfectly all week. The players were very excited and couldn’t wait to compete to turn the situation around. And hopefully it’s the start,” Salah told UFABET.

Stefan Bycetic continued his starting XI and impressed, and Salah couldn’t help but mention the young midfielder. this

“He is a great player and person, always trying to train hard. Since he started playing for us, he was probably the best player in the team. Hopefully he can maintain that confidence and keep going.”

Salah capped off with his goal of the game: “I know Darwin (Nunez) is very fast, so after cutting off their corner, he’s going to be the best.” We played one-two, I knew he would take the ball into the space. So I ran as fast as I could and scored a goal. That’s the most important thing ′′ ′

′ We were a little lucky. But luck always comes when you train really hard and I’m sure everyone is excited that this game will change everything. And hopefully again this is the start ′′

Henderson and Milner talk and say we have to play our own football and enjoy. and we played well It really looks like Liverpool, but it started a week ago.